The AMRDC Repository will limit the collection, use, sharing, and storage of Personal Data to that which reasonably serves the research group’s academic, research, administrative functions, or other legally permitted purposes. Such collection, use, sharing and storage shall comply with applicable federal and state laws and regulations, and with the policies, standards, and procedures of UW System or any individual institution within UW System.

Notice and Consent

The AMRDC Repository uses Google Analytics to collect site usage data and to analyze overall usage of the site. Google Analytics uses cookies in your Web browsing software to track user sessions so that it can collect data about how users view and navigate the site. The data collected never includes names, usernames or email addresses. Individual IP addresses are collected, but they are not associated with individual users other than as noted above. You may prevent Google Analytics from collecting data by turning off cookies in the preferences settings in your browser. For more information on Google Analytics, please visit Google’s website. The AMRDC Repository may use aggregate data collected during this process for public and private purposes.

Some of the AMRDC Repository webpages may offer the opportunity for the user to share a link via Twitter or Facebook. The AMRDC Repository does not collect any information from the user's social media profile, and use of these features are subject to the respective social media platform's privacy policies and terms of service.

Access to Personal Data

Any personal data collected and/or processed during the data submission process -- e.g. names, contact information, and institutional affiliations -- will remain publicly accessible in the AMRDC Repository unless the data is found to contain sensitive, restricted, or inaccurate information. The AMRDC will provide means to request corrections of the data if inaccuracies are found and take reasonable steps to review requests for corrections and amend, supplement, or correct personal data where warranted.

Expectation of Privacy

The AMRDC Repository will not collect any personally identifiable permission without explicit consent of the user. AMRDC Repository user profile information -- including login information, name, and email -- are private and will never be shared with any third party.

All of the AMRDC Repository data which meets the above standards will remain publicly accessible and may be used by other public and private institutions, including other databases and repositories, as well as published research. AMRDC Repository datasets are required to contain a recommended citation, DOI (digital object identification) number, and licensing information; more information can be found on our Deposit Policies page.

Suspected Violations or Breaches of Privacy

If, at any time, an individual or department suspects or confirms that any Personal Data maintained by an institution has been subject to unauthorized access and/or disclosure, the incident must be reported in accordance with UW System Administrative Policy 1033, Information Security: Incident Response. Notification to affected Data Subjects shall be made in accordance with applicable law.