Accurate measurement of solar and infrared radiation fluxes on antarctic Plateau at Concordia station (BSRN site)

The research program aims to continue accurate measurements of surface radiative fluxes downwelling and upwelling at Dome-C, within the network Baseline Surface Radiation Network (BSRN, in order to provide broadband measurements of solar radiation short wave (in the three downwelling components direct, diffuse, global and in the global reflected fluxes) and thermal radiation (emitted from the atmosphere and from the surface). These measurements performed throughout the year provide complete information of the radiative regime in the East Antarctic Plateau, as well as its seasonal and interannual variability, and the radiative fluxes are an important input parameter for both the mass balance and regional climate models. In addition, the surface irradiance datasets are required to validate and calibrate at least 10-11 different satellite observations.


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Author ISP-CNR
Maintainer Italian Antarctic Data Center
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Created October 6, 2022, 20:23 (UTC)
Categories Observational data
Collection Begin Date 2005-12-31
Collection End Date Ongoing
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Principal Investigator(s) Angelo Lupi