AGO-5 Automatic Weather Station, 2020 unmodified ten-minute observational data.

These files contain instantaneous observations at ten-minute intervals, with either six or eight columns. The data have been taken directly from the originally transmitted hexadecimal data with only gross error checking during the processing. There will still be bad data points that are within the observable range for the station but are unacceptable compared to the surrounding data points.

Each file has a two line header, followed by the data. The data columns are: Julian day, ten minute interval marker, temperature, pressure, wind speed, wind direction, humidity and vertical temperature difference. (Bonaparte Point and Santa Claus Island have water temperature instead of vertical temperature difference.) The temperature difference is the top measurement minus the bottom measurement. The ten minute interval marker is a number between 1 and 144 representing time (e.g. 1 is 00:00, 2 is 00:10, 3 is 00:20, 7 is 01:00, and 144 is 23:50.)

All times listed are UTC and missing data are indicated as 444.0. Wind directions listed are the direction the wind is blowing from, from 0 to 360 clockwise (thus 90 degrees is east, 180 is south and 270 is west.) The data is in the following units: temperatures in degrees Celsius, station pressure in millibars, wind speed in meters per second, wind direction in meteorological degrees, and relative humidity in percent.

The data here is the raw, uncorrected data we receive. No bad data have been removed, though calibration errors may result in the re-generation of some of the data.


Additional Information

Maintainer Antarctic Meteorological Research and Data Center
Version 1.0
Last Updated February 2, 2024, 16:34 (UTC)
Created May 4, 2022, 20:40 (UTC)
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Citation Antarctic Meteorological Research and Data Center, 2020: AGO-5 Automatic Weather Station, 2020 unmodified ten-minute observational data. AMRDC Data Repository, accessed DD-MM-YYYY,
Collection Begin Date 2020-01-01
Collection End Date 2020-12-31
Data Quality Unmodified (Raw)
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Instruments Automatic Weather Station
NSF Award(s) 1543305, 1924730
Principal Investigator(s) Matthew A. Lazzara, Lee Welhouse