Pegasus South Automatic Weather Station, 2005 quality-controlled observational data.

These files contain monthly observational data that have been quality-controlled using semi-automated computer programs as well as oversight by our staff. The filenames are prefixed with a label identifying one of three different observation intervals - ten minute (10min), one hour (1hr), and three hour (3hr). The rest of the filename consists of a standardized string composed of (in order) a three-letter code to indicate the station, the year, the month, and the frequency of the data (e.g. 3hr-[III][YYYY][MM]q3h.txt for three-hourly data).

Each set of daily observations begins at 0000 UTC. The hourly data are recorded at the top of every hourly interval: i.e. at 0000 UTC, 0100 UTC, 0200 UTC, 0300 UTC, etc. for the one-hour data; and at 0000 UTC, 0300 UTC, 0600, etc. for the three-hour data.

The data files contain a two-line header that gives the year, month, 3 letter ID, Argos ID, and station name in the first line; and latitude, longitude, and elevation in the second line. The columns are organized in the following order:

  • Year
  • Julian day
  • Month
  • Day
  • Observation time (UTC)
  • Temperature (C)
  • Pressure (hPa)
  • Wind Speed (m/s)
  • Wind Direction (deg)
  • Relative Humidity (%)
  • Delta-T (C)


Additional Information

Maintainer Antarctic Meteorological Research and Data Center
Version 1.0
Last Updated May 7, 2024, 18:29 (UTC)
Created May 2, 2024, 17:45 (UTC)
Categories Automatic Weather Station
Citation Antarctic Meteorological Research and Data Center, 2005: Pegasus South Automatic Weather Station, 2005 quality-controlled observational data. AMRDC Data Repository, accessed DD-MM-YYYY,
Collection Begin Date 2005-01-01
Collection End Date 2005-12-31
Data Quality Quality-controlled
Format Text
Instruments Automatic Weather Station
NSF Award(s) 0338147, 0088058
Principal Investigator(s) Charles Stearns