Surface-Atmosphere Mass and Energy Exchanges at a Coastal Antarctic site

Improve understanding of the surface-atmosphere mass andenergy exchanges in coastal Antarctic thanks continuous measurement of a large set of parameters and development of multiscale modelling. Field activities will be carried out year-round at the Korean Jang Bogo (JBG) Antarctic Research Station, located at the coast of Terra Nova Bay, in the vicinity of the Italian Mario Zucchelli Station (MZS). Measurement and analysis of radiation components, atmospheric constituents and energy fluxes, meteorological and micrometeorological parameters, will be implemented jointly by KOPRI, CNR and UniFI, in a way similar to the collaboration already active in the Arctic region at Ny-Ă…lesund (Svalbard).Measurements will be implemented in such a way to allow Terra Nova Hub (including both MZS and JBG) could became the first WMO-GAW regional station in the Ross Sea area. This will represent an important legacy, contributing to GCOS and WMO programs related to radiation regime and atmospheric composition.


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