Glacier melt modeling: Long Wave Radiation 1996-2011.

This is the data and metadata for modeled Long Wave Radiation - part of six modeled parameters that comprise the Taylor Valley Glacier Melt modeling.

Data contained and described in this document correspond to the physically-based surface energy balance model for the glaciers of Taylor Valley developed by the dataset owners. The spatial variability in ablation (ice melt and sublimation), runoff, and climate sensitivity of the glaciers was modeled using 16 years of meteorological and surface mass balance (the net mass gain or loss of ice on the surface of the glacier) observations collected in Taylor Valley.

An unusual aspect of the model is the inclusion of transmission of solar radiation into the ice and subsequent drainage of some subsurface melt.

Melt model was applied to the ablation zones of the glaciers of Taylor Valley, identified by colored areas. Mass balance stakes, meteorological stations, and stream gauges shown for reference.


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Author Matthew Hoffman
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Citation Hoffman, M. 2016. Glacier melt modeling: Long Wave Radiation 1996-2011. Environmental Data Initiative. DOI: 10.6073/pasta/f47f48599bc14cb259757dcf78f0dca9. Dataset accessed DD-MM-YYYY.
Collection Begin Date 1996-07-16
Collection End Date 2011-06-06
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