Palmer Station climatology summary data, 1989-present (ongoing).

For the period 1999 on, summaries were checked for math errors, transcription errors, typos, misread graphs, and coding and data entry inconsistencies.

For the period before 1999, a much more cursory review was performed. Suspicious values were investigated and corrected by, if possible, appealing to the original 1-10 forms. If that proved to be impossible, other sources of data, including NCDC or other repositories of the original coded synoptic observations, EnPAWS (a rudimentary automated basic parameter system at Palmer), Bonaparte Point's AWS, or cmdr's manual "weather scroll", were consulted.

Wind speeds and gusts had to be corrected between 2/28/2019 17:56 UTC - 11/20/2019 16:17 UTC due to the wrong propeller being installed on the BASE wind sensor. All files with "_fix" appended to them have been corrected. The correction coefficient that was applied was 0.588.


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